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Why a Wellness Chiropractor?

     More often than not, when we tell someone that we are a chiropractic office, they immediately associate our vocation with neck and/or back pain. They usually say, “I used to go to a chiropractor when I threw my back out,” but what they do not realize is that chiropractic is a health care modality that provides significantly more than just a solution for pain. Chiropractic is a lifestyle that involves all aspects of wellness including exercise, nutrition, personal development, stress relief, etc. We have been fortunate to work with people from all walks of life and the outcome has been extremely beneficial.

Dr. Arnold Angrist D.C., P.C.

     Dr. Angrist is a premier NYC Chiropractor in the Metropolitan area, known for his personal approach to treating and coaching his patients since 1979. Once your symptoms and pain have been resolved, he offers you the opportunity to achieve optimal health and wellness. His focus is to help you learn to interrupt the emotional, physical and nutritional patterns that you have developed over the years, which have manifested in your muscles and nervous system, creating rigidity, tightness and imbalance in your body. Letting go of these previous patterns allows you to become more resilient, and true health will occur.


     Licensed by the American Chiropractic Association as well as the New York and New Jersey Chiropractic Associations, Dr. Angrist also holds a certification from the International College of Applied Kinesiologists and is a member of the A.C.A Council of Sports Injuries. Honoring his goal to service others at any opportunity, Dr. Angrist has worked with Time Warner, Universal Music, Whole Foods Market, Steps on Broadway, Broadway Dance Center, BMI Music, ASCAP and was the on-call chiropractic consultant for artists and athletes at Madison Square Garden. At Angrist Chiropractic & Wellness Care, we seek to educate and inspire our patients to choose better health through better living.

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